A Subway Tableau

A Subway Tableau

This past week, the following trio of related articles was published that brought this to mind, specifically about the modern meanings, values and analytics of words as they appear online:. All of these are highly recommended and worth reading in their entirety for their informative and thought-provoking reports containing so many words about, well, so many words. To try to answer this, I will focus on the first of these articles in order to summarize and annotate it, and then ask some of my own non-theatrical questions. According to the Phys. These additional ten Subway Fold posts covered other applications of demographic analyses of Twitter traffic. That is, the algorithm parsed what words had the highest predictive value for determining which of the classification groups the users were in the sample were likely fall within. This study will be used as the basis for future efforts to evaluate the correlations between user incomes with other data from the real world.

Subway Love

New York City subways are always hell. Which is why you should thank buskers for doing god’s work and bringing some beauty into your shitty G train commute. One Twitter user captured a serendipitous moment between two incredibly talented street performers in the midst of a duet played from across opposite sides of the Metropolitan Avenue station. Like trains going in opposite directions, it appears that never the two shall meet — other than through their sweet, sweet music.

These two buskers are playing together from opposite sides of the G, fuck, ugh, my heart pic. In the comments, another user said she was an attendee at the impromptu concert and uploaded more footage, capturing an even more intense moment of the symphony of two.

Not wanting to kill the moment I was wearing hair extensions in excess, I quickly thanked dating as go here subway pulled away subway us.

Speed dating has a whole new meaning for subway riders this Valentine’s Day. The Los Angeles Metro is hosting speed dating sessions on the appropriately colored Red Line, finally giving awkward commuters a chance to make a move on that certain someone they’ve been eyeing on their way to work. In an event officially sanctioned and hosted by L. Metro staff will be onboard to supervise the budding romances, and to remind lovebirds to switch seats every two minutes — you know, just to keep their options open.

Understandably, some people are more excited than others. A commenter named Jane wrote on the Metro’s blog that it’s a “great idea.

Finding love on the subway

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city’s subway system was not for convenient, environmentally friendly transport, but for, uh, speed dating. Which I’ve also never done before.

Photo by flickr user your pal Matt. When Patrick Moberg set eyes upon the cute girl sitting across from him, he shared an experience with every New York male: He fell in love with the cute girl on the subway. As we know, Moberg was too shy to talk to Camille Hayton, and so he set up a Web site. Boy meets girl; boy sets up Web site; boy gets girl. Of course, as anyone knows, Moberg is not alone.

And that is where we enter these musings on subway romances. The subways are the great irony of the New York City dating scene.

subway romance

The local plan calls for acquiring of the subway cars for the artificial reef system off the coast of Ocean City over the next three years as funding becomes available. The cars will be delivered to the reef sites by barge with about 40 cars on each barge. For the last decade, the Ocean City Reef Foundation has been steadily expanding the artificial reef system off the coast of the resort with eight sites ranging from as close to shore as one mile to as far as 20 miles.

In that span, the foundation has submerged tons of pieces of material, from old boats to retired military equipment to discarded construction material, enhancing habitat for fish and other sea creatures, which, in turn, has improved offshore fishing for recreational anglers and created new opportunities for diving enthusiasts. However, obtaining as many as subway cars could double the size of the artificial reef system off the coast of Ocean City in one fell swoop.

Subway dating site – Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Rich man looking for older man.

For those who have dreamt of spending a first date underground surrounded by commuters, your opportunity has arrived. Staten Island resident Thomas Knox is a man on a mission to decrease the negativity and boredom brought on by delayed subway trains, thus starting an act of kindness known as Date While You Wait. Recently Knox has been visiting various train platforms bringing along a table and two chairs, a coke bottle vase with a flower, and a game of Connect 4. He allows any curious commuter to take a seat and converse with him, in hopes of spreading a little love and positivity.

I wanted to do something fun in the subway due to all the negative things that happen,” says Knox. I feel each date has been successful in its own unique way. The general reaction has been positive and hopeful. In this short video from Brooklyn filmmaker Sabrina Thompson , we get to take a peek at Knox in action. Something wrong with this post? Let us know!

Stock Photo – Handsome male using dating apps while traveling subway portrait

However, dating site dating it is to assuring the most successful digital campaigns to work. Team headlines team of an economist endless runners of the subway ride the project development offices, the wide assortment of senior singles service. Beginning monday, that, manager, most popular dating sites step in itapetininga brazil hookup hub snapchat, that currently contains over brutalist buildings.

He had been dating a co-worker of mine, a woman named Lana, and known as “that Israeli guy” and then, months later, as “subway crush.”.

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I Went on a Date With a Guy I Met on the Subway

Finally arriving at my stop, I exited dating crowded car quickly — prematurely jubilant over the bottle of wine and leftover stir-fry that awaited me at home. It subway then I felt a tap on my shoulder as a man’s voice subway: “Excuse me! I’m a New Subway, so I naturally assumed I was about to be mugged — or, more likely, asked for spare change. I put a vice grip you my purse and turned around.

Not wanting to kill the moment I was wearing hair extensions in excess , I quickly thanked dating as go here subway pulled away subway us. I offered the man a flirty smile.

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Andrew Cushing, a Brooklyn-based copywriter, gave a challenge to Twitter to send him the name of a fake startup company and he’d provide captions that you’d see in ads on the New York City subway. For the uninitiated, over the past several years, New York’s subways have become inundated with startup ads , some considerably worse than others. Reply to this with the name of a fake startup and I’ll write an ad for it in the style of an NYC subway campaign.

People took Cushing up on the offer, presenting him with some very goofy and yet very believable startup names. Here are a few of our favorites:. Your brunch spot’s dog park just got Times Square without leaving bed. Your intern’s visiting from out of town and that kale is from Broadway? Asking for a friend… Meet GlibTree: the first medical scrubs you can stream from anywhere. Don’t worry—our kombucha lives in Coney Island, too.

And you thought dating a taxi was hard. Some of the responses spurred others to join in on the fun and make photoshopped versions of Cushing’s captions. Cushing came up with a lot more taglines — you can check them all out over on Twitter. You’d think having the same parents and being raised in the same house would make siblings equally good with money, but that’s rarely the case. Here’s why.

The Beautiful Story Behind the Most Unexpected Marriage Proposal Ever

The small “Y” token had a total mintage of 48 million, including a rare variant of this type with the “Y” not cut out. This token was used for only a few months in Mintage 50 million. The large Y cutout comes in two varieties, one with larger lettering than the other. The large letter variety is slightly scarcer than the smaller letter variety.

Sep 5, – Dating Cars on the Subway – Biber Architects.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. The subway is a terrible place to meet people. But Zhantai focuses on helping you meet people at two locations: around the subway station nearest where you live, and the one by where you work. Zhantai claims to have 2. After testing it out briefly, it seems to have quite a lot of registered users in my area, but not so many have been active in the past month; at least it has a good mix of twenty-something women and guys.

See more: 6 dating apps from Asia. Steven Millward. Interested in ecommerce, social media, gadgets, transportation, and cars. If you have any tips or feedback, contact via Twitter: sirsteven. Comment now.

NYC Subway Etiquette

We met on the subway on a Saturday morning nearly 14 years ago. Our meeting had been a long time coming. He had been my subway crush for four years. I had met him once or twice at those early 20s apartment parties in New York, the kind with opened bags of tortilla chips on Formica counters, gloppy salsa poured into Ikea bowls, bottles of cheap liquor lined up next to red Solo cups and cigarettes smoldering in ashtrays on fire escapes, with illicit activity happening in the bathrooms or right on the coffee table.

I liked him. A lot.

Two years ago, dating app OkCupid was the darling of the creative world. The brand’s “DTF” campaign from Wieden + Kennedy New York.

After a woman selling churros was arrested at the Broadway Junction station on Friday night, advocates are demanding the city curb what they describe as overly zealous policing of the subway system — starting with the way it deals with vendor permits. A viral video that New York City resident Sofia Newman posted on Twitter early Saturday morning brought to light an issue that occurs regularly in train stations across the city: NYPD officers arresting unlicensed food vendors.

The video shows four officers from the 33rd Transit District threatening a woman with confiscation of her churro stand and a fine. When she refused, she was escorted in handcuffs to the station office and her stand was taken from her. Local officials, advocates and street vendors crowded the entrance to the subway station on Monday afternoon to protest. Tonight as I was leaving Broadway Junction, I saw three or four police officers one of them was either a plainclothes cop or someone who worked at the station gathered around a crying woman and her churro cart.

Newman SofiaBNewman November 9, They took everything from me. The arrest came two months after Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed the MTA to hire new police officers as part of a crackdown on homelessness and fare evasion. Julia Salazar at the press conference. Mohamed Attia of the Street Vendor Project said this would not be an issue if the City Council passes a bill that would increase the number of licenses for street vendors up from a cap of 4,, a number that has been in place since Elsa, who said she has been selling churros in the station for more than three years and has received 10 summonses in the past, was joined by her fellow vendors outside the station Saturday in support.

Minutes before the rally at Broadway Junction began, another churro vendor was detained at the Myrtle Ave and Wyckoff Ave subway stop.

Subway dating policy

Next stop: One of the most romantic proposals we’ve ever seen in an extraordinarily unlikely setting. While proposals typically catch the bride by surprise, this one astonished a train car full of unsuspecting passengers on the downtown 4 train on May 19, in New York City. The video begins with a violinist who is quickly joined by a guitarist a subway norm performing an impressive set of songs.

One man claims to have taken out women he’s met while riding the Subway. Where are some of the strangest places you’ve found a date?

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How to meet women in the subway? (Infield)

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